Which Is Better: Compression Socks Or Compression Sleeves

By Audrey Boyd / 2019-07-22

Anyone who Leads an active lifestyle can wear compression gear. With that said, one of the most frequent questions is what the difference between compression socks and sleeves is? Which is better? Here is an exclusive look at the ultimate battle between compression socks and sleeves.

Difference Between Compression Socks and Sleeves?

The main difference begins with the design. compression sleeve cover only the calf while compression socks cover both the calf and the foot. However, both sleeves and socks offer an approximately 15 mmHg graduated compression that gets lighter as it goes up the leg hence improving blood circulation.


Athletes can wear sleeves or socks to enhance performance, quicken muscle recovery, and prevent injury. They are also a good option for people who stay on their feet for long such as nurses.

Compression Socks Are Perfect For

Feet protection. Sitting with your feet for a long time causes the blood to pool in your feet veins, especially if they are on the floor. While sleeves stop short around the ankles, compression socks are more effective in promoting feet circulation when traveling for long distances.

More so, with compression socks being tightest around the lower legs and feet, they are useful for people suffering from swollen feet as they will force the blood to flow upwards.

Sleeves Are Perfect For

Shin splints prevention. Athletes who may have high arches or flat legs increased training intensity or duration or run on uneven or hard surfaces are more likely to suffer from shin splints.


Sleeves offer the needed TLC to the shin and calf areas by boosting blood circulation to injured tissue, reducing inflammation and pain. If you suffer from shin splint, you can be plenty sure that wearing sleeves will get you back to the game much quicker.


In most cases, the choice between compression socks versus sleeves gets determined by your personal preference. The good news is that both compression socks and sleeves come with an elegant modern style, so you don’t have to sacrifice style regardless of your choice.