What Stretches Before Running

By Audrey Boyd / 2019-10-04
Exercising woman outdoors

Anytime you intend running, proper preparations are required. The exercise Will ensure your legs are in perfect condition. These warm-up exercises help in injury prevention and also in improving the performance of an individual. Skipping, pre-running, and warm-up exercises are some of the recipes to work out injuries. Stretching out before working out helps a lot in preparing muscles. The article gives in detail some of the best stretches that one should consider before running navigate to this website to learn more.


Walking lunge. This stretch does not only loosen up the muscles but also stimulate the forward motion used during the running. With your feet put together, take a step using your right leg. Then bent the front knee at ninety degrees as you ensure the back knee makes it to re the ground. Stay in that position for some moments before rising and making a big step forward using your left foot.

Hip circle. By opening up the joints of your hips and muscles before you start running helps in injury prevention.

Side stretch. Side stitches are common with many runners. However, an expert says that it can be prevented by having a torso stretch anytime before running.

Calf raises. Calf muscles always contract when the foot anytime leaves the ground.

Ensure only the balls of your foot. However, they are on the stair by standing on its edge. Secondly, if need be, you can use a stair rail for balance. Then using your muscle feels the foot anytime calf muscle. Finally, hold the trench a bit before raising it again and repeat the same severally.


o Standing quad stretch. By using the wall for support, open your up your hip flexors and quadriceps using the dynamic version of the classic stretch. You may decide to challenge yourself by not using any help while doing this kind of a stretch.