What Is Power Dressing For Women

By Audrey Boyd / 2019-10-06

Executive power dressing is a mode of self-expression of being comfortable through one’s clothing. The kind of clothing a woman wears does not show what they are, but instead, it influences her feelings and can boost her self-esteem greatly.

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Power dressing for women means dressing smart and in a way that boosts their self-esteem to help show their feelings towards women’s achievement. It is a kind of self women empowerment in their respective positions, whether political, authoritative or business-wise. Power dressing can also be referred to as a killer outfit that helps in self-appreciation.


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Power dressing began many years ago around the 1970s and has evolved greatly to date. Power dressing first started in the united states. Power dressing later came to be emphasized by John T. Molloy’s in his manuals Dress for success (1975) and Women: dress for success (1980). Power dressing does not restrict to a certain type of dress code, but instead, it is the dress code that you feel comfortable in.

Different successful ladies have given testimonies of how power dressing has led to their success, for instance, Anine Bing founder of ANINE BING, Alex Williamson, Chief Brand Officer Of Bumble among others.


Dress as you wish but positively

Power dressing is not a restriction in the dress code but is a way of dressing to show professionalism. Always show a positive picture of yourself.


Dress suitably

This means understanding your working environment and dressing suitably towards the environment.

Understand the meaning of different clothes

Power dressing involves knowing what your clothes mean. And don’t substitute them.

Avoid disclosing your body much

Power dressing does not mean showing much of your skin. This might turn to distraction or seduction to some extent.

Maintain your fashion style

Power dressing also involves knowing the style that best fits you and maintaining it.