Usain Bolt

By Audrey Boyd / 2018-11-09

The name Usain Bolt is quite big in the running athlete world. He was born on 21st august 1086 and his names are actually Usain Saint Leo Bolt. The People’s magazine in 2016 confirmed that this athlete is dating Jamaican model Kasi Bennet but Bolt prefers to keep this private.

This was later confirmed though by him in January 2017, that they have been actually dating for three years. Bolt throughout his career has remained humble and has worn 11 time world championship awards. He has received numerous awards including the IAAF World Athlete twice, Laureus Sportsman of the year and Track and Field Athlete of the year.


This Jamaican born sprinter has over the years broken several world records and has won many medals for the hard work. He is actually regarded as the fastest human being on earth as he broke the 100 meters and 200 meters automatically.

On an estimate his record was 44.72 km/hr this is by the readings on World Championship in Beijing on 16th August 2009.Apart from these records he also holds a record in the 4 by 100 meters record.

Bolt won three golden medals in 2012 Olympics games in London were he broke the records again by 9.63 seconds of a run of 100 meters. This made him quite famous as he was the first man to set three records in a Olympic Competition.


Ever since then he has been knows as he sprinter on the century who went ahead and proved that he actually was. He did not stop at this but in 2916 Rio Summer Games he worn he earned three gold medals yet again for 100 meter, 200 meter and as well 4 by 100 meter sprints.

The Jamaican born sprinter has won an overall 9 gold medals in Olympic championships of his career. Forbes in June 2017 estimated his net worth to be 34.2 million USD. This listed him be the 23rd richest athlete of all time. He has over the years has got several endowments and as well sponsorships that have contributed to his net worth.

These sponsorships include Mumm, XM, Kinder, and Puma. On a shocker, puma pays this sprinter more than 10 million USD every year.

During Bolts career he faced several challenges as any other athlete. During the 2017 World Athlete Championship Bolt finished third in the 100 meters ad this shock the world as he was taking home a bronze medal instead. This was actually the first time he was beaten.

His struggles came to an end during the 4 by 100 meters relay when he collapsed from a hamstring injury and still finished by the help of his team mates. In the following word championship bold declared that he is retiring from the track. “For me I dint think championship is going to change what I have done. I personally will not be one of those persons to come back” were his exact words to a press conference.

He has published a book called The World’s Fastest Man in 2010 which was reissued after two years as The Fastest Man Alive.