List of Camping Gear Essentials

By Audrey Boyd / 2020-07-16

Camping is one of the best ways to spend your holiday vacation. A hood camping experience is mainly determined by the kind of essentials you bring along. Having your backpack filled with camping items will help you to have the best camping experience where you won’t have to worry about getting something important for your stay at the camp. Below is a list of camping gear essentials you must carry for your trip.

  1. Sleeping bag

Of cause, this is a very important item you don’t have to Miss’s out. Sleeping bar is helpful especially if you wish to spend some nights outside camping. A sleeping bag is a must as it keeps you from harmful insects. If you are going with your kids, don’t forget to carry kids’ sleeping bags.

  1. Tent

A tent should be there at any given time, it is important as it provides an emergency shelter.

  1. Firestarter

Camping is not complete without setting up a campfire. Ensure you have tools that will help you to set IP the fire quickly. You can use steel and tint, matches, magnesium fire or a cigarette lighter.

  1. First aid kit

First aid kit is important for emergency cases; you don’t know what might happen along the way. Have a first aid kit in place just in case of an accident.

  1. Navigation tools

If you are going to remote areas, don’t forget to pack a navigation tools, pack GPS, compass or even map for easy navigation.

  1. Solar panel for RVs

Solar panel for RVs is also useful if you are going to those areas where access to electricity is a challenge. Visit this site to learn more on

  1. Rain jacket

When you are camping, you only have a few clothes to change. It is important to keep them fry at any given point. Rain jacket will help you achieve this.

These are essential camping gear essentials that you must remember to carry.