Is Soccer A Girl Sport

By Audrey Boyd / 2019-09-06

Soccer is one of the sports with many fans all over the world. When you compare the number of supporters for female soccer and male soccer, you notice that there is a big contrast. Such a difference can make you ask several questions about girl soccer. One question that many people ask is, is soccer a girl sport? Yes, even girls can engage in this male-dominated sport.

Soccer doesn’t depend on gender, and both girls and boys can participate. But, why do many people think that soccer isn’t a sport for girls? Read on to find out.

Not so many girls are interested in soccer

When you compare the number of girls who are interested in soccer to that of boys, you notice that girls are interested in other activities. Girls mainly have an interest in games that involve using the hands compared to any other part of the body.

Girl playing football

For the boys, a majority of them enjoy playing soccer even if they do not go professional. However, we can empower and support our girls to change how they view soccer and start accepting it as a girl sport. You can Visit Website to learn more.

Female soccer is not as entertaining as male soccer

If you ask any soccer fan, male or female, about the soccer they prefer between male and female, they will tell you it is male. Female soccer does not have a high level of competition like male soccer. People find it less entertaining, and that is why many fans don’t know about female soccer players across the world.

As opposed to this, a majority of soccer fans know about many male football players across the world. Female soccer competitions do not attract large crowds like male competitions.

Most supporters of soccer are men

A comparison between the number of male and female fans establishes that it is mainly males who love the game. Most of the females who support soccer got the influence from their male friends. Majority of the females do not know basic rules used in the sport as opposed to their male counterparts.


Despite these reasons, we’ve seen lots of women engaging in soccer and triumphing. Even though most people around concentrate more on male soccer than girls’soccer, it’s time we change our perspective. This sport isn’t gender-specific, and with the right support, girls can perform as good as boys.