Is Lightroom worth the money, and Why?

By Audrey Boyd / 2018-12-28

Lightroom is a popular photography app. It helps you manage and edit photos at the same time. Are you familiar with the perks of using Lightroom? If not, then you have been missing out a lot. A lot of photographers find it difficult when it comes to managing and editing of photographs.

This is because they are using sub-standard software. In photography, you must have an ideal way to manage and edit your photos. Having a software such as Lightroom installed on your PC is an added advantage.

Therefore, if you are wondering if Lightroom is worth the money? Then Yes, It is. You can always download the trial version and see for yourself the perks of using it. It is always best if you check out a lightroom tutorial so that you can effectively use the software.

Below are Reasons Why Lightroom Is Worth The Money

1. Lightroom Helps You Browse Your Photos Easily

As a serious photographer, you are likely to find yourself in possession of thousands of photographs. All these photos are important and need to be stored properly. Quite often, you will find it difficult to access the different pictures stored in your drive. However, Lightroom can help you manage your images.

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It is simply a catalogue that contains all data regarding your photos and their original storage path. The app also allows you to compare photos and group them as you wish. You can also organize pictures into permanent collections. It helps you compare identical photos.

2. You Can Conveniently search Your Photos In Lightroom

Remember when we discussed how photographers have thousands of pictures? What do you do when you want to search for a photograph you took on June 2017? With the Lightroom software, this is super simple. All you have to do is search the said date or the camera lens that you used.

Other than that, Lightroom enables you to search for images by location, GPS and much more. You can also create your search references such as colour labels and keywords.

3. It’s An Excellent Editing App

What makes Lightroom a popular tool among photographers is because it serves two purposes in one. It helps manage photographs, and you can use it to edit photos.


It contains all the necessary tools that can help you edit your photographs. You can use it to convert to black and white, retouch portraits, merge HDR and much more. It doesn’t entail advanced editing tools, but it’s a powerful editing application in general.

4. Lightroom Doesn’t Overwrite Your Photos. It Saves Them On Your Hard Drive

Unlike apps such as Photoshop, Lightroom doesn’t change your photo files. The originals aren’t overwritten. It instead, saves them on your hard drive. It keeps a record of all the works you have done on a catalogue, therefore using up very minimal storage space.

As you can see above, Lightroom is worth every penny. The moment you learn how to use it, your workflow becomes easy and doable. To make matters even better, you don’t need to have your photos with you for you to browse or develop them.