How to Find Time for Yourself in Your Busy Schedule

By Audrey Boyd / 2019-04-26
Leave work on time

You’re constantly in such a hurry, worried about work deadlines, family obligations and overthinking about the future, that self-care has become a thing of an ancient past. No matter what age you are or how energetic, strong or enthusiastic you may be, pushing yourself to your limits for the sake of school, work or maintaining a certain image, will unavoidably have negative effects on your psychological and physical health. In order to find a balance between the demands of work, school and family life, you need to prioritize your wellbeing. Take a look at the following tips and find ways to carve out that essential time you need for yourself – to slow down, enjoy your life and recharge your batteries.

Schedule your me-time

Once you start treating your “me” time as an actual appointment, or even obligation, you will learn to take it more seriously. Open your planner and carve out some much-needed me-time in your calendar section. Try to find at least half an hour to an hour every day allocated solely to you. Just like everything else in your busy schedule, treat this as a regular to-do and make sure to mark it when done.

Leave work on time

There comes a time when we “fall in love” with our job (read: become workaholics) and just can’t seem to separate spare time from work time. Staying long hours turns from being an exception to a habit, and you forget what it means to leave work at work. If it’s too much of a change to start leaving on time every day, try sticking to the exact work hours time at least once a week and you’ll experience the positive effects on your work-life balance.

Have a monthly treat

You should remind yourself of the hard work and constant effort you’re putting in your academic/career life, personal relationships and home obligations by spoiling yourself with a special treat once in a while. Whether it’s having dinner at a fancy restaurant, buying those expensive shoes you’ve been dreaming about for months or booking a professional massage for effective whole-body relaxation – you deserve to have a well-earned monthly treat.

Learn how to say no

In addition to your regular working hours, we tend to make one of the biggest mistakes – burdening ourselves with extra work, from doing tiny favors for our loved ones to spending the whole weekend just running errands. Instead of refusing to help a friend or take an extra shift for your colleague, you overcrowd your schedule and usually end up with very little or no free time at all. This is why it’s of crucial importance to teach yourself how to say no – to your friends, family members, boss or even your workaholic self. And don’t let yourself feel bad about it. Putting yourself and your wellbeing first does not mean you’re selfish or mean, but simply aware of your needs and capabilities.

We shared the essential guide to help you find time for yourself in your hectic schedule – now it’s up to you to finally decide to focus on you and your me-time, giving yourself a break with some of the suggested tricks. No matter how busy you are or how bad you want to prove yourself at work or school, prioritizing time to do things for yourself is a must. Enjoying your own company, away from tight schedules, daily stress and work pressure will not only keep you sane and satisfied but also more productive and efficient.