How Do You Physically Prepare For A Basketball Game

By Audrey Boyd / 2019-09-07
young basketball player ready to shoot

Playing basketball ball means a lot of jumping, twisting and too planting. This can lead or create a lot of stress on your knees, ankles, and hips. Basketball requires a lot of coordination to be completed. These moves can also cause some related injuries which you have to get prepared to avoid them.

Proper physical preparation will help you to enjoy your game and be injury-free. Like just any other sports, it is vital to warm up and have appropriate physical development before every match.

Warming up

When you warm up before the game, it helps to elevate your body temperature. This helps your body to get ready for the game, starting with your joint rotations, which begins to move faster and efficiently.


You can start the physical exercise by doing ten circular movements with your hips, ankles, trunk, knees neck, and shoulder. This should be followed by some defensive moves to increase the flow of blood to the body muscles. After warming up, your blood will be developing steadily in your body, ready for physical exercise.

Improved coordination

Being flexible is very important in basketball, and in most cases, players usually overlook it.

When you gain flexibility in basketball, you will be increasing your strides, and you can reach higher towards the basket.We have three ways of phases that are necessary for the improvement of your strides and make you faster on this website

1. Static active flexibility

This is the ability to remain in an extended position for a long time without external help. It helps to improve your state stride length.

2. Static passive flexibility


This is the process where you assume an extended position, and you maintain it using your weight. Getting seated toe touch.

3. Dynamic stretching

This is a kind of physical exercise where you move your muscles through a range of motion.