How Do You Lose 10 Pounds In A Week?

By Audrey Boyd / 2019-03-21

Do you believe you can lose 10 pounds/4.45kgs in a week? Is it possible? Well, it could sound like a miracle, but it is something quite natural. You have to commit yourself into it with the right mindset. If you could have been figuring how you can achieve it, where you can get tutorials on how to go about the process, worry not anymore you have just landed in the right place.

What clicks inside the mind of many people as far as losing weight is concerned is how they will start a starving plan. Unfortunate this is not the only way mechanism to shed that extra weight.

Bearing in mind that you have to attend that wedding party, hang out with friends for parties you need to have a personalized approach to weight loss. You need to take up workout, put yourself on Bio Fit Weight Loss food supplement, and control how you eat among others as exclusively discussed below.

This is something you will have to do on a routine practice.

Perfect plan to lose 10 lbs in one week

1). Before taking breakfast

Before you go about slashing that mountainous plates of your favorite breakfast, take time and have yourself a glass of lemon water. Squeeze lemon juice on a glass of ice water then drink.


Hold for 30 minutes then take up your breakfast. Lemon water acts to detoxify any toxins in the stomach at that time your stomach is empty. This is a sure way to detox the body. The drink also helps speed up metabolism rate a critical factor in weight loss.

2). After breakfast

You must keep in mind that you have a target to achieve within a week. After breakfast, you need to think about doing some fruits. A compelling light breakfast is what we are referring to here.

Fruits contain sugar that acts to give your body energy it requires. Fruits sugar is well distributed to all parts of the body without any being stored. This kind of distribution ensures uniform metabolism rate.

You will need to add some nuts in your breakfast menu. Nuts contain some proteins that have a vital role in weight loss, but it is advisable to have more importation which protein will help.

3). Lunch

If you are overweight, definitely your body has stored a lot of fats. You, therefore, need to avoid fats so as you can give the body a chance to burn up those extra fats that have been stored.

Therefore, you need more proteins in that plate of lunch.

Proteins are never stored in any form inside the body and burn faster. Once burned, the body will have no option but to go for stored fats.


You will also need to avoid fast foods like chips and toasted bread. It may seem difficult to many as is the case to me, but it is a beneficial factor in weight loss. Bread contains cards that are highly known to cause excess weight.

Ensure your lunch is loaded with a lot of natural green vegetables.

4). Snacks

Many people love taking snacks anywhere at any time. What they fail to realize is that these snacks are what backfires on them giving them that extra weight.

You will need to avoid those cakes and anything else that is flour baked. If you must eat, ensure they are made from greens with olive oil.

5). Supper

Ensure you take your dinner at least 2 to 3 hours before bed. This gives your body a chance to metabolize food and not retain much of what you when you go sleeping.

Again, ensure your dinner has plenty of proteins. A good example is boiled eggs with a mixture of greens salad. Do not follow into temptations of taking too much. Remember you are doing this for only 7 days.


Losing 10 pounds of weight is not an easy task. You have to be well prepared and determined. If you feel ready to undertake the process today, start and share with us your experience after 7 days.