How Do I Get Energy Before A Run

By Audrey Boyd / 2019-11-07

For most runners, low energy is one of the main reasons for not being able to achieve their mileage objective. Chronic fatigue will more than likely ruin your attempt at having a consistent running plan.

Besides, who’d ever feel motivated to go outdoors and push an already-drained body to the limits?

Such frustrating fatigue does not only affect you before the run. Some runners deplete their energy resources and are forced to quit before they can complete their daily workout routine. So, how do you avoid such a scenario and ensure that your energy wells are overflowing before a run?

1. Skip the caffeine

Woman running

Most people take caffeinated soda or a cup of coffee while aiming to get an energy boost. Unfortunately, this is usually not the result. Too much caffeine will more than often make you feel weak or jittery. Consumption of caffeine in large quantities is linked to dehydration as well as energy peaks and troughs. You should limit yourself to one cup of coffee or any other caffeinated drinks a day.

2. Snack on nuts

One of the best snacks for runners is nuts, which are packed with protein and fiber, in addition to containing healthy fats.

Pecans, almonds, and hazelnuts are awesome options are they are rich in vitamin E, which is well known to be an antioxidant.

3. Get the right diet

Having a healthy and balanced diet should go a long way in providing your body with the energy it needs to handle even the most intense forms of exercise. As a runner, your plate should have a combination of proteins, healthy fats, and smart carbs. Ensure that your diet has enough iron as well since anemia causes reduced performance and extreme fatigue. You can browse this site to get a better idea of the foods that are perfect for runners.

4. Use energy gels

Anyone who is planning to run a long way should consider energy gels. Not only are they easy to carry and use; they can also give you a real energy boost when you really need it. With all the varieties available in the market, you should experiment with the different products to determine what’s best for you.

5. Stay active

Amazingly, staying active can help you maintain the high energy levels that you need for your next run. Even if you have no running plans for your days, always ensure that you stay active. That way, you will keep the energy levels from dipping as a result of inactivity.

6. Eat bananas

Looking for a quick and easy way to replenish your energy wells? Bananas should be your best option. They are the best energy-filled snacks for runners.

Other than being rich in carbohydrates that will boost your energy levels, bananas also contain tryptophan which is a mood-boosting amino acid.

In conclusion,

If you’ve been wondering how you can get the energy you need for your next run, you should consider trying the ideas discussed in this article. Since there are a variety of ideas, you can always expect to find one that will work perfectly for you.