How Do I Choose The Right Running Socks?

By Audrey Boyd / 2019-05-27

When a person thinks that are going to participate in running either for fun or for the exercise they may put a lot of time and effort into getting a good pair of running shoes. Many people tend to neglect the importance of running socks.

Running socks can make a big difference in comfort level. These are some tips for selecting a good pair of running sock.

Reduce Friction

Friction in the shoe happens when the foot moves around and rubs forwards and backward with each step. If there is too much friction created the foot will heat up and the cells will become damaged. These cells then fill up with fluid and they swell. This leads to the formation of blisters.


Running socks can help protect the foot from the friction created when it rubs against the show. Running socks are also able to take in some of the energy that is transferred and reduce the buildup of heat around the foot.more info here about how running shoes can reduce friction.

Low Moisture

The sock can be the best defense the foot has when it comes to staying dry in the shoe. Running socks are able to absorb sweat and moisture and will lead them to evaporate.

These socks will help keep the skin dry so that the running can go on longer and is more comfortable.

Proper Hygiene

Many runners do not think about the hygiene of their foot but it is very important. Running socks help keep the feet free from bacteria and fungi. Both items like dark and damp environments such as a sweaty shoe. They can both cause a bad odor but can increase the chance of an infection on the foot. Running socks will help reduce the chance bacteria and fungi have of developing and living in the shoe. The socks can be washed after each use.


These are some important reasons why runners have to pay attention to not only the running shoe but the running sock as well. Running socks can protect the feet and reduce the pain that a runner feels so they can focus on their accomplishments.