How Do I Build Up To Run A Marathon

By Audrey Boyd / 2019-10-04

For many runners, going for a marathon race is all about personal desires. One can want to test his or her limit or prove your run a long-distance race. Others run for official competitions, to raise funds for charity, environmental conservation, or to lose weight.

For whatever reason, going for a marathon requires adequate preparations; you need to put everything in place to have a memorable race. Here is a guide on how to prepare up for a marathon. read this article to get more information.

1. Acknowledge where you are


This is a crucial aspect in preparing for a race. Don’t overestimate your ability; this is one of the greatest mistakes marathon beginners make. It can lead to injuries and sometimes giving up on your goal altogether.

2. Have an easy run day

Do not postpone things, get started, and increase your momentum slowly by slowly.

3. Have achievable weekly goals

Create your weekly schedule where you will have to practice. It is recommended to run in the morning, as it makes your day orderly and you are likely to succeed during the day.

4. Start with short runs distance with lots of walk breaks

To help you prepare well for a marathon, start with short runs and increase slowly. It helps to prepare your body muscles well for the real marathon where you will be required to increase your acceleration, perhaps towards the end of the race.

5. Variety is key


Run-on the treadmills, roads, trail, and even your living room. Yoga is another plus for your build-up preparations. Cross-training is essential; it makes you better as a runner; you adapt to different running conditions.

6. Slowly increase your long runs

After your body muscle as used to short distance running. It is now time to get used to long-distance running. This will make your body have proper preparation for the marathon.These are some of the things that you need to go through when you are preparing for a marathon.