Hardest Tracking Path In The World

By Audrey Boyd / 2018-11-09
Tracking Path

The hardest tracking path surely should be more than just muscle to complete. It should take a lot of sweat and effort and as well endurance to be able to finish. They trail should be one that freaks you out and you may have to carry along special equipment to keep you going. Dangers such as frozen rivers, falling rocks and worn out wooden planks are not left out either.

The Devils Path New York State is clearly the hardest tracking path. This place gives hikers and runners a chance to reach a summit of 5 of the 35 Catskill high peaks. Just as the name suggests this three hour drive from Manhattan area is quite challenging to hike or run on. It’s located in the Catskills Mountains and runs only 25 miles.


This may seem to be quite a distance but it’s even worse that you may take up to two days to complete as it totals six peaks. The trail is of 38.9 km and the highest point is known as West Kill Mountain where as the Lowest is the Stony Clove Notch. It has an elevation gain or loss of 9000 feet gain approximately.

Its history was first cut from the Old Overlook Road to Mink in 1929 and the state acquired the property shortly after this. The plateau followed in 1934 then the Hunter route followed from the notch that was opened.

Later in 1973 the state opened up the route down the falls. The devils park has remained level on a 1.43 miles eastward trend past the source of Schoharie junction.

It’s characterized by extreme terrain, vertical slopes and slippery sections down the hills. That’s not all. It has waterfalls throughout making it even more dangerous. It’s also home to wildlife and precisely bears and hence you have to be extremely cautious while on it.

You may bring your dogs along with you to stay alert if need be. This rocky terrain area has steep gaps that may require you to use your feet while going up the cliffs and if not you may end up falling in them.


This area doesn’t care of the experience that you have but instead all you have to do is remain extremely cautious will on it and stay challenged. After completion you may enjoy a scene of the Catskill Range and take a breather for the challenge endured.

This area has attracted people from the local area and as well from outside the country. This is due to the challenge of having to climb straight up, careful runs and as well go down on the steep gaps between peeks. It’s advised to stay on the paths and stay cautious.

Carry your own personal aid equipments and to help you in the adventure through this area. You are advised not to go alone at least have a team and a guide if possible as you walk in the trail. You may carry paper spray for the extremes of attack by animals.