Fun Exercises to do During Winter

By Audrey Boyd / 2018-12-14
Fun Exercises to do During Winter

During the winter season, it is easy to come up with reasons to stay indoors. You mostly find yourself curled up on your favorite couch with a warm blanket and a hot cup of coffee. This might seem like the best idea since it is cold and snowing outside. However, your body still needs exercise despite the low temperatures. You, therefore, need to come up with several fun exercises that will keep you motivated throughout the entire season. These activities will help you shed off the extra weight while not being bored at all. Below are some fun exercises you should consider engaging in during this seasons.

1. Sledding

This is considered one of the exercise games you can participate in. You simply need to look for a hill that is covered in snow to have fun with your family and friends. Sledding requires you to utilize some of your muscles as you steer down the hill.


Once at the bottom, you will need to walk up the hill with your sled. Climbing the hill helps to strengthen your leg muscles. The number of trips you make up and down the hill determines the number of calories you burn.

2. Engaging in a snowball fight

Snowball fights are quite fun although they are not considered hardcore workouts. However, they can help you burn a few calories since snow is usually heavy for the feet. Throwing snowballs or trying to dodge them is an interesting and exciting way to remain fit during winter.

3. Ice skating

Ice skating is another exciting winter sport that helps you remain fit. With skating, you can burn calories depending on the speed and length you skate. Luckily, ice skating is not an expensive sport since you can rent out skates if you do not own some.

You might also consider investing in some good quality skates if you enjoy this sport.

4. Indoor sports

During winter, you can join a local sports program in your hometown. Here, you will get to participate in some games such as basketball, hockey among others. You also get an opportunity to compete with your peers either at expert or recreational levels. Sports programs run by the local municipality are considered the best. Additionally, you could sign up for aerobic or dance classes depending on your interests.

5. Snow tubing

Snow tubing is one of the easiest winter activities. You are guaranteed to have fun barreling down the hills in rubber tubes. These activity does not require you to have any coordination skills like in skiing.

You may be wondering how you burn any calories while snow tubing. Instead of taking the ski lift from the bottom of the hill, consider walking uphill. You will burn most calories and still enjoy yourself.

6. Walking and running

These two exercise activities can be practiced all year round. Walk to the mall or your neighbor’s house to see their holiday decorations. You can ask a friend or spouse to join you on a three-mile walk and have interesting conversations with. Moreover, you can step it up and jog for a few yards to help burn calories. It is essential that you take caution while walking on snow to avoid falling. Also, wear reflective clothing when walking in the morning or in the evening.