Essential Gym Gear for a Quality Workout

Finding the motivation for regular workouts is especially difficult during the cold, wintry months. This is the time when we tend to slip into a lazy and cozy mood and feed ourselves with a myriad of excuses for staying in bed late and skipping our morning run or gym session. Sometimes all we need is a reality check in the mirror, a gym buddy with whom we can compete and share our gym struggles, or just some quality gym gear to get us going!

It’s never too late nor too early to start taking care of your body and mind. Although getting your beach body ready for the summer tends to be the number one motivational factor, there are many other benefits of regular exercise aside from the visible ones. To get started, we’ve listed below the essential gym gear elements to help you prepare for a quality workout routine.

Compression garment

Hiding those extra pounds under layers of clothing will certainly make you sweat, but not in the right way. Compression garments feature panels made from different technical fibers in order to follow the lines of your body precisely, helping boost blood flow and allowing for a hot and stylish look while sweating out those post-holiday calories. The mirror image of you lifting those dumbbells in an oversized T-shirt and joggers doesn’t exactly boost your self-confidence or get you going, does it? Compression gar

ments will help you show off those beautiful muscles and also point out all the flaws that you still have to work on. Additionally, clothes that fit tightly around the skin will enable you to stretch and exercise unobtrusively.

Comfortable shoes

The most essential part of your workout gear is the shoes. During running and many other exercises, your entire body weight is concentrated on your feet, and therefore the quality of your footwear is crucial for an effective and comfortable workout routine. Run to the shop and get some amazing Adidas sneakers paired with lightweight socks for a simultaneously practical and aesthetically-pleasing outfit. Plus, the athleisure look nowadays is more than welcome outside the gym as well and can be even pulled off as chic – so investing in quality sneakers is a win-win decision.

Shaker bottles

Complete your gym bag with a quality shaker bottle that you can use for all sorts of refreshment needs, from water and gym supplements to post-workout protein shakes. Staying hydrated and eating well and clean are the most important factors in achieving and maintaining gym results.

Workout log

A workout log is necessary for effective and responsible workouts. In building your best self, you need to make sure that you’re recording your sets, reps, weights, and rests, contributing to consistent progress and self-control. Keeping a workout journal is also a great motivational tool and can be helpful in building your time management skills.


And of course, you always need earphones and your very own music playlist. What better way to push yourself further and boost your confidence and motivation than a favorite song? Music makes us feel more energetic, positive, and ready for challenges. Prepare a couple of 20-song playlists for an effective and enjoyable workout session.

Before you label a workout as a punishment, take note of the list above and equip yourself with fun, stylish and practical gym essentials. No more excuses on your path to getting that strong, healthy, and smoking-hot body.