Does Sedation Put You To Sleep

By Audrey Boyd / 2019-09-17

Doctors have come up with several ways of ensuring that their patients remain as calm as possible during surgery and procedures. A common type of pain control method used by many doctors is sedation. Now if you’re scared of someone working on your teeth, then you’ll benefit a lot from sedation dentistry. This dentistry is used mostly in invasive tooth procedures. But can it make you sleep? Keep reading to find out.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

It’s a process that uses medications which help patients remain calm during dental procedures. Although it’s sometimes called sleep dentistry, that’s not entirely true since patients are usually awake. A sedation dentist in Miami uses different levels depending on which procedure is being performed. However, there are three levels:

Minimal- one is awake but calm.

Moderate/ Conscious- an individual feels drowsy and may even fall asleep. They may or may not remember what happened.

Deep- you’ll be almost unconscious and sleep throughout the procedure.

Procedures for Sedation


This process may vary depending on different doctors. But expect to:

Sit or lie on a table. One might even be asked to change into a hospital gown depending on their condition.

Your doctor will give you a sedative. It may be an oral tablet, IV line or facial mask.

Depending on which sedative you’ve been given, one may wait up to an hour for the effects to kick in. IV sedatives work within a few minutes. But for oral they take time to metabolize hence can take 30-60 minutes.


Once you’re sedated, your dentist monitors your breathing and blood pressure to ensure that they’re normal. Then he or she begins working on you.Well, from the above discussion, we can see that sedation is pretty much straightforward. However, to answer the question, does sedation make you sleep? The answer is it depends on how much one has been given.