Does Microblading Ruin Your Natural Eyebrows

By Audrey Boyd / 2019-10-16

For those with thin eyebrows or those who want to increase their eyebrows, the Microblading technique has proven to be worth it. You get your eyebrows increased through a tattoo-like procedure. It is a procedure that celebrities have also embraced.

What is Microblading?

Make Up

Microblading is a procedure that is carried out by an esthetician with the use of a microblade tool. The device is used to deposit color pigments that resemble your natural hair. The procedure is likely to take 30-40 minutes if you are being handled by an artist that has undergone Microblading training

Preparing for Microblading.

When you have decided to go for Microblading, there are various things you have to do. They include;

Avoid sunbathing 72 hours before the procedure.

Avoid waxing.

Avoid alcohol or caffeine beverages before Microblading.

Tinting your eyebrows before going for the appointment.

All this is to ensure that the artist can clearly see your eyebrows, their shape, and their color.

Risks involved.

Microblading involves the breaking of the skin using the micro-needles. This means that this process has its own risks. You can contract a disease/infection like HIV if the equipment used is not sterilized. Moreover, if you do not follow the post-procedural care, you may encounter medical complications.


This procedure does not also interfere with your natural hair. Remember, when you are going for Microblading, you are trying to increase or rather broaden your eyebrows.

This means that the natural eyebrows are not interfered with. However, since this is a semi-permanent procedure, you will have to go for touch-ups every 3 years.

If you choose an insured, licensed, and trained artist, you will definitely enjoy the results of the Microblading. If you visit a crook, you risk having to pay for another medical procedure, since Microblading results aren’t easily reversed. Make sure you are an equipped and trusted Microblading facility