Best Socks for Athletes

By Audrey Boyd / 2019-01-17

Athletes never underestimate the importance of their feet and they understand that how much wear and tear they absorb as well as how they feel can either break or make the quality of their laps. That way, they wear the best socks designed for their specific workout. You could be wondering how socks could be designed for a specific workout, but thanks to the advancing technology, there are specialized socks which can take your athletic profession to the next level. Athletic socks prevent arch strain, uncomfortable pressure points, and sweaty feet and here are some that do exactly that.

1. Saucony Performance Socks

When shopping for athletic socks, the two pillars to look for are cool and dry and Saucony performance socks will not disappoint you on those. If searching for the best running socks amazon, Saucony performance socks are likely to appear first thanks to its superb technology.

Saucony Performance Socks

With the RunDry Moisture technology, these socks have moisture wicking fibers that provide arid feel ensuring that the athlete’s feet do not sweat uncontrollably. They are also made of polyesters thus providing desirable levels of lateral stability and arch support. They are also stylish hence great to have.

2. Feetures! Elite Light Socks

Feetures makes affordably solid athletic socks that give value for your money and with a variety of support and cushion, they have socks that will meet your needs. The Elite Light Cushion sock offers extra support in high impact areas to care for your feet. Feetures understands that wet feet could lead to painful blisters and encourage fungal and bacterial growth, and that’s why they make Elite Lights socks with iWick technology that keep your feet cool and comfortable.

In other words, these socks move moisture out and away ensuring that your feet remain as dry as possible.

3. Balega Blister Resist No Show

Balega is yet another company focused on making athletic socks that pay attention to the comfort of the wearer. Just like its name suggests, the company makes socks with blister resist technology to protect your feet against blisters. In addition, Balega Blister Resist No Show socks are made with a combination of Mohair and Drynamix to keep your feet dry and cool.

 Balega Blister Resist No Show

While the Mohair keeps heat in especially during cold runs, the Drynamix is designed to push moisture away from your skin and this combination is the best any athlete could be looking for in socks. Interestingly, these socks have an extra high heel tab that safeguards the sock from jiggling down the heel and eventually in the shoes.

4. Thirty48 running socks

Are you an aspiring athlete? If yes, you need the right gear and you can never go wrong by choosing Thirty48 running socks. These multi-sport socks are fashionably designed with lots of cushioning for the comfort of the wearer. Innovation is the key and with extra padding engineered to this sock, you are guaranteed of comfort and protection. This sock also uses CatalystAF and CoolPlus technology that enhance ventilation.

5. ChalkTalk Sports Custom

ChalkTalk sports custom team number athletic socks are quality athletic gears that keep your feet dry and comfortable. It is not easy to find exceptional socks with the ability to dry sweaty feet fast but these socks will not disappoint you.

They are super soft and have a moisture-wicking technology that ensures your feet are always dry. They are made of a material that works wonders in avoiding painful blisters and fungal and bacterial growth that come as a result of soggy socks.

Bottom line

It goes without saying that the feet of an athlete encounter very special conditions and if you are a gear-conscious person, you must consider the right socks for the right activity. Well, many people have a perception that socks are just socks but there’s a very big difference and thanks to the advancing technology, the above list will make a difference in your athletic career.