Average Cost Of Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

By Audrey Boyd / 2019-03-22

Are you interested in undergoing a particular form of plastic surgery? Wondering how much will it cost you? Then we are here to help you out. As you may have noticed, most plastic surgeons do not display the prices of popular surgeries on their website.

This is mostly because all of us are different. The cost of a person’s procedure could thus vary. It is why you need to book a consultation with a plastic surgeon, and from there you can discuss the nature of your plastic surgery.

As you may have heard, plastic surgery is a bit expensive. However, the number of people going through it is increasing yearly. This can be attributed to its many benefits. Before we get to the average costs of popular plastic surgery procedures, you need to know that it is not covered by most insurance plans. They consider it to be an elective form of surgery.


Note that the nature of plastic surgery greatly determines if an insurance plan can cover it. There are some cases such as a breast reduction where if the weight induces pain and discomfort to the patient. It can be categorized into reconstructive and not cosmetic surgery.

As a result, you may get coverage from an insurance plan. The best way to derive to such a conclusion is by first discussing this with your surgeon.

If you are interested in plastic surgery in Gilbert, then below is the average cost of popular plastic surgery procedures. Remember to always check the certification of a surgeon and other essential factors before you proceed to surgery.


Breast Reduction for Women – $5,860
Male Breast Reduction – $3,765
Breast Augmentation (saline implants) – $3,513
Breast Augmentation (Silicone Gel Implants) – $4,014


Buttock Augmentation (Implants Only) – $4,706
Buttock Lift – $5,100
Tummy Tuck – $6,090
Liposuction – $3,285
Vaginal Rejuvenation – $2,720

Head and Face

Facelift – $7,457
Chin Augmentation – $2,225
Eyelid Surgery – $3,245
Brow Lift – $3,421


Botox Injections – $430
Sculptra – $815

What will You Be Paying Off?

In determining the average cost of the plastic surgery, you also need to know what you are paying for. First and foremost, you will be paying for the surgeon’s fees.


The costs of the materials being used are also factored. If you are undergoing breast augmentation, you will be asked for the implants. The cost is also inclusive of the equipment and operating room used. Medication could also be part of the overall charges. The surgeon may or may not ask you to pay for follow up appointments.

Make Sure You Get What You are Paying For

Plastic surgery is a life changing event and should be taken with serious consideration. It is similar to investing. You should, therefore, ensure that every penny you pay for is accounted for. It is imperative that you choose a surgeon with extensive experience in that particular surgery. If you are getting implants, then make sure that you get high-quality ones.

If you are interested in plastic surgery but you are a bit downside on finances, you can seek financing from financial companies that can cater to these procedures.