10 Tips for Photographing a Bridal Portrait Session

By Audrey Boyd / 2018-12-26

In your career, you need motivation and inspiration, so if you are a photographer and you would like to be known for quality photos and poses advice in weddings you have finally landed in the right place.

Below are ten best bridal portrait ideas that will make your wedding a memorable occasion, here are the best poses both complex and intricate but all with end up with the photographs that people will view and admire your wedding.

1. The standard.

The standard is a must portrait where the bride stands and poses for a full-length photo. A wedding day is a memorable day and brides take their time looking for their best dress.


After the bride is readily dressed she should consider the standard as their first portrait and take several shots in different poses adjusting hips and arms.

2. The back of wedding dress.

After the bride is through with the standard then she should turning around to show off her shoulders and the back too. When taking this photo remember not to turn your head too much to a point where you break the plane of the profile.

3. Adding the bouquet.

Brides bouquet is one of the best accessories that can never be assumed, taking a photograph with your bouquet is equally important as this will make you live to remember the beauty of your bouquet. Take several shots with your bouquet in different positions.

4. Take shots with your accessories adjusted.


Brides do have a couple of accessories including the shoes, necklaces, bracelets, earrings among others. Consider taking several photographs with the accessories adjusted differently to come up with a different beautiful picture.

5. Portraits through the veil.

As the bride will not be dressing on a veil for the rest of her life, it is good to take several shots through the veil as it gives a beautiful appearance that the bride falls in love with.

6. Poses while sitting.

Sitting poses are also very crucial, and every bride should consider taking a photograph in different sitting positions. While in sitting position remember to properly make your dress so that it does not bunch up making the bride looking too huge.

7. High fashion.

A wedding day is a special day more so for the bride. Therefore she should look for good lighting and strategic posing that will give a good photo shot with the hips adequately outlined.

8. Candid laughter.

Laughter is an expression of joy, so crack a joke that will make the bride laugh and take several photographs while she is in a laughing mood.


The bridesmaids should also help in making jokes, and also they should consider several pictures with the bride too.

9. Shots with the makeup.

Makeup and accessories on a wedding day are equally essential and mark the day memorable, consider taking photographs with a microlens of which every photographer should have one.

10. Opening the curtains.

This posture is excellent as it lets in a Silver light and also gives the bride a chance to show off her dress and take several photo shots in a different posture.

The above are just a few bridal posing ideas, but sincerely many others will give you nice photographs. Consider implementing the ideas on your wedding day, and for sure you will live to remember.