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Running is certainly on way to stay fit. But is it just taking a sprint from one place to another that entails running? defines running as a sprint for fitness purpose that will help you gain both health benefits as well as stay in shape. There are over 50 million runners worldwide either on a pro or routine basis. As your body needs constant to stay fit in cardio, strength training running may certainly be the aid to this.

Our website offers advice on running benefits, the best preferable way of selecting shoes to gear up will you make a run, health diet advice on how to eat to stay in shape for your daily or routine run as well professional advice on running through a trainer. We will help you keep track of your fitness, attain your goals and stay healthy through running.

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Benefits of Running

Daily routine

Running has been known to be among the best ways of keeping fit and stay in shape but it can also have some good health benefits and also lighten up your mood. Running may be on a daily routine or as a profession. The core benefits of running may include:


Health benefit

Running has shown through research that it raises your levels of good cholesterol, healthy cardio living, lowers the risk of blood clots, increase in lung function and use and as well boosts your immune system. As a health benefit it may also strengthens your muscles and knees as well as other joints or bones.


Loss of weight

Running being one of the most preferable exercises, it helps in loss of weight as well as maintaining it. This is by burning off extra calories through the exercise. This will keep you in shape and as well help you stay confident about yourself.


Reduces anxiety and stress

Running being one of the most preferable exercises, it helps in loss of weight as well as maintaining it. This is by burning off extra calories through the exercise. This will keep you in shape and as well help you stay confident about yourself.

Man running

Best Running Tracks in the World


Memorial Park Loop Houston

This municipal park based in Texas is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. Its history goes up to 1924 when it was opened and covers on estimate 1,466 acres or 2.88 miles. The trail has a nice place to relax and enjoy and lots of picnic tables for you to rest. The trail feels like home on the summer and is quite be.


Prospect park loop Brooklyn, NY

This tracks main scene is the New York City last remaining forest. This park being in Brooklyn which is a runner city is quite the ideal place to go take a jog and run as it also has a reputation on hosting the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon. The parks full loop is 3.35 miles and the distance around the perimeter is 3.75 miles.


Hyde park London United Kingdom

This track is home to beautifully groomed running trails made for both long distance and sprinters. This place lightens you up by the dozens of grass field for you to sprint on. It has a five mile flat loop.

How To Buy Sneakers For Running

Here is a guide on how to buy sneakers for running:

While running it’s advisable that you get a pair of sneakers that is as comfortable and efficient as possible.

This type of sneakers may be found in shops specifically dealing with running shoes or you may opt for a vendor that you are sure you may get a brand that is meant for running. 

Follow these  4 steps:


Right running shoe

Get a shop that will provide you with the right running shoe. You may bring your previous running shoe but if it’s the first time buying ask on advice on a running.


The Best time to purchase

The best time to purchase should be later in the day as your feet are prone to swelling during the day. A morning purchase may buy you a comfortable shoe but this later in the day may not be the case due to swelling.


Foot size measured 

Get your foot size measured for the right size. Do not assume an estimate for your running shoe as this will make you buy a shoe that’s either an oversize or undersize.


Underestimate on cost

As you go buy a running shoe of choice make sure you are quite ready to spend and do not underestimate on cost.

A running shoe should be comfortable and has a grip on the soul. 

Clean Your Diet Like a Pro Tracker


Load up on fruits and vegetables.

· Take whole grains.

· Take lots of still water.

· Eat less meat and precisely red meat.

· Avoid taking processed foods and instead opt for organic foods.

· Be cautious on your sugar intake levels.

· Take juice from fresh fruits.

· Avoid fats in your food or cholesterol.

· Avoid taking GMOS.

· Take hormone free dairy.

· Cut on alcohol ,salt and refined grains.

· Take all meals of the day that are well balanced.

· Keep an eye on your sodium levels.

· Avoid junk food and instead take home meals.

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